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Clinio Health Centres partners with fitness studios, health clubs, wellness centres, and chiropractic clinics. We act as your physiotherapy division, operating under your brand, and offering the highest quality care to your members and patients. Clinio sets out to do two things:

  • Help people in need of physiotherapy get quality care at more convenient locations; and
  • Help our partners prosper by providing them with the physiotherapy capabilities found at large clinics
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How it works

Can any health facility qualify to be powered by Clinio? No. We only partner with businesses that have high-quality management and staff able to adhere to our compliance protocols and guidelines. Our partner facilities must have appropriate dedicated space for patients to receive physiotherapy assessments and treatment sessions.

How to get powered by Clinio

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Send us an overview of your business and anything you can share about your team to get a conversation about partnering started.

See if you Qualify

While not every applicant can qualify to have Clinio added to their service offering, we work with both small studios with a few hundred members and large clubs with thousands of members. The key is compliance, discipline, and committing to the program. When you connect with us we will describe the program in detail to help determine if there is an opportunity.

Get Started

We will assign an Account Manager and a Physiotherapist who will work together with your team to ensure that the service runs smoothly. Your team will be trained in compliance and best practices. There is no cost associated with launching Clinio at your facility, however we require you to have a dedicated point person to be responsible for the program.


Clinio has a proven business model that allows health and fitness facilities to add physiotherapy as a key service offering to their client base, while providing a quality of service that aims to meet or exceed what one would find at a large, traditional clinic, and in compliance with current industry standards and provincial regulations.


Leverage our best practices to provide a consistent, quality physiotherapy offering to your new and existing members or patients.


Partnering with Clinio will add a new meaningful revenue stream to your service offering.


We are completely turnkey and require no additional staffing or investment on your behalf. We require only dedication to the program and for you to be compliant at all times.


Integral to our offering are practices that comply with the provincial regulatory bodies. By following our best practices you will remain compliant at all times with the provincial regulatory bodies.

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